From the mind of Rinaldo Wirz comes an immersive world of watercolor monsters.


Monster Book was created by Rinaldo Wirz, who’s done work for Nintendo, Lego, Square Enix, Swarovski, and Shueisha. In the NFT community, Rinaldo is known for being one of the original 2015 artists for Spells of Genesis, the first-ever blockchain-based mobile game.

Rinaldo standing outside a temple near his home in Kyoto


Far off in a distant galaxy from Earth lives a unique planet nestled in the darkness. The planet is engulfed in one giant ocean but amongst the waves is one solitary island, Lo-Fo-Teng. This island’s inhabitants were forged by the six elemental guardians born from the ancient artifact, the “Monster Book.”

Card Creation Process

  1. Draw with a blue pen
  2. Cleanup with a black pen
  3. Paint watercolors
  4. Some touchup
  5. Scan drawing
  6. Make enhancements and remove the background
  7. Add it to the card template

Card Structure

Guiding Principals

Community Driven Lore


Founder Role Perks

  • Free Founders NFT that acts as a pass to authenticate access to exclusive perks (Update: this token is FOUNDERCARD on Counterparty)
  • Early access to mint and discounted mint price
  • Access to write lore and contribute to the world-building of Monster Book
  • Discounts on any future Monster Book products
  • DAO-like influence by helping to vote on critical project outcomes
  • Additional chances to get free card mints

Cards Rarity System

  • 101 Unique Monsters / 1010 Total Distribution. This means 10 Copies of every monster.
  • 40 Unique Common Monsters / 10 copies of each common monster for a total of 400 Common Monster cards = close to 40% chance to pull common.
  • 30 Unique Uncommon Monsters / 10 copies of each uncommon monster for a total of 300 Uncommon Monster cards = close to 30% chance to pull uncommon.
  • 20 Unique Rare Monsters / 10 copies of each rare monster for a total of 200 Rare Monster cards = close to 20% chance to pull rare.
  • 10 Unique Mythic Monsters / 10 copies of each mythic monster for a total of 100 Mythic Monster cards = close to 10% chance to pull mythic.
  • 1 Unique Grail Monster / 10 copies of this grail monster for a total of 10 Grail Monster cards = close to 1% chance to pull grail.
  • *If we have a larger than anticipated community scale, to make the cards fully accessible, we have alternative population and rarity scaling models ready to reply.

Satoshicard Creator Special Guest

Herckeim’s renowned Satoshi artwork made for Spells of Genesis


Release Date

What’s Next ?




Guillaume Ducos / Herckeim
Herckeim, also known as Guillaume Ducos, has been a freelance illustrator for over a decade. He’s worked for companies such as EverdreamSoft, Alderac Entertainment Group, Fantasy Flight Games, Osprey Publishing, and individual collectors.